African Music Festival Network
Festival Festa2H, Senegal
Festival Yakaar, Senegal
Festival au Desert, Mali
Festival Waga Hip Hop, Burkina Faso
Festival Africarythmes, Togo
Festival Assalamalekoum, Mauritania
Festival Djiogbe, Benin
Blantyre Arts Festival, Malawi
Festival Wassa Hip Hop, Niger
Sawa Sawa Festival, Kenya
Sauti Za Busara, Tanzania
Bayimba International Festival of the Arts, Uganda
KigaliUp, Rwanda
HIFA, Zimbabwe
AZGO, Mozambique
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West Africa's biggest hip hop festival featuring rappers, DJ's, dancers and slammers!

14 - 22 June 2013




Celebrating African hip-hop music!

27 November - 1 December 2014


A celebration of hip-hop music and urban culture!

20 - 28 June 2013


Pioneer of the hip-hop movement in Burkina Faso!

10 - 15 October 2013


A modern, traditional celebration of the ancient traditions of the desert people!  

9 - 11 January 2014


Celebrating the best of East African artists!

5 - 7 October 2013



 A meeting place for musicians and fans of Togolese music!

29 - 30 June 2013


A showcase of the best African hip hop artists!

2 - 14 November 2013

                                                                                                                                                                                                     More Info...

A celebration of hip hop artists from Africa and all over the world!

24 - 30 October 2013


A feast of the best of Ugandan art and music! 

19 - 21 September 2014                                         



A celebration of Kenya's best artists!

21 December 2013


The friendliest festival in the world celebrates East African music!

13 - 16 February 2014



A vibrant, festival that celebrates diversity and encourages positive change!

30 May - 1 June 2014                                                                                                                                                              

One of Africa's most successful festivals, celebrating Zimbabwean music!

29 May -  4 May 2014

This new festival celebrates artists from all corners of the world!

23 - 24 May 2014


This new festival honours Rwanda's diverse musical traditions!

13 - 14 July 2013


African Music Festival Network is a new and vibrant network linking African music festivals together to improve and increase their creative and economic potential, exchange knowledge and share ressources. The network consisting of 16 festivals is initiated by Danish Center for Culture and Development in partnership with Pamberi Trust and supported by the Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.